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    Hiya, sorry to ask this anonymously but I'm a bit embarrassed. About a year ago I ran into the sample/lyricist for Rainbow Noir (whose name I never learned :( ) at a show at Hendley. I walked up and introduced myself and after we shared some compliments she asked if she could hug me and I said "Absolutely!" Then she handed me a zine called "Let's Talk About Consent, Baby". Anyways, its been a year and I'm wondering why you handed me that specific zine. Did I come across as needing it? Much love!

    Hi, this is Mori, I don’t live at Voltron anymore, but this came up in my inbox. Seeing as that’s me, I figured I’d answer.¬† No apologies, and thanks 4 communicating. Hello, on the internet. For a while I was bringing lots of zines to shows because I know zines about stuff like consent helped me feel better and understand the world in a different way (especially crappy relationships I’d had. Hahaha). So like, I don’t know who you are because you’re wearing those internet shades, so there’s really no way I could remember if I know you or have opinions about stuff like that and who I think you are. You get to look at yourself for that feedback, ask yourself those questions. IMHO: everyone everywhere could benefit from reading about / learning about how to communicate about stuff like hugging, cuddling, sexing, sexting, whatever. We live in social conditions that show violence against women as desirable and the norm. That sucks. So no, not you personally, but yes, you personally because everyone personally should be thinking about how to be basically good to each other!


    (*dear voltrawn fwiends : hope its cool I answerd this. Lemmy know <3 )


    ……and we are BACK!!!! from our silly catnap known as school, werk, and netflixk

    we are having a show tonight! (and more to come, hit us up if you have any show ideas/pitches)

    Hens teeth//
    a noisy, fuzz’n’roll, punk-pop group from Olympia


    "DIYNOSAUR is Funkasaurus Rex and Swagadactyl in a Jurassic Triassic neo-historical aversion adventure through the ducts of sound and the mystery of history bending time waves and sine waves; post-rhythm, pre-sound, and andro-acentric " from their FB page

    MC Scissorfiend//
    mc-ing and ripping the roof with cutesy ballads and what casa v is about

    The three benders
    trio of new yawkers who just want to chill in santa rosa
     their a mix if ska, reggae and punk

    and a tba performances/ openmic (come share your music)

    @ 8 

  3. scissorfiend:

    Well, three things actually,

    FIRST: I will be DJayin for the Hysterical Young Women dance event at the WEB in Oakland, plus one of the dances (voguing!) is set to music I mixed/composed! Heres the EVENT PAGE:



    Next Friday at CASA V we will be having our…

  4. welcome home

    welcome home

  5. I was thinking of maybe asking Secret Cat and Starskate and see if they wanted to play too

    We can start askin peoples on facebook and suuch

  6. He is gonna be in town on the 18th, pretty soon! I don't think he's touring with anybody. Do you think any bands around this area would be down to play? Also he wanted to know if we could take donations for the show for gas money.

    Okay oaky, that is pretty soon, but I think we could do it! We are all about supporting artists, so hell yes to the donation can. I know that Secret Cat is on hiatus for the time bein’ but, I would be hella down for Starskate if they are still around!

  7. He said he'll be playing music like Uptown Boys and Birthday. It wouldn't let me put links in here

    Cooool! Freakin tumblar….When is he gonna be in town, also do you know if he is on tour with anyone, or had other bands who wanted to play?

  8. Could we use your place for a show? Netherfriends is touring the west coast and I told him I would get him a show in Santa Rosa


    I like the music so far! I will talk to folks about it ‘n we will do the delegatin’ and such. Do you know what material they will be performing? I really like the music but some of the lyrics like in ‘kind of buzzed were a little confusing on what they were about and seemed to say some degrading/objectifying/dehumanizing about people, as a house we like to feel comfortable with who we invite and outreach for and try to strive for a safe/r for folks, we got people to be accountable to and we want everybody to have fun, not just me.

    -Martin aka scissors

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